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Superspeed Wheel Care

Wheel Care

before installation

Always inspect wheels immediately upon receipt and check fitment before mounting tires. The wheels cannot be returned once tires have been mounted.
Always use recommended sizes for the wheels you have chosen. 
Recheck the torque values of each lug nut/bolt after installation and balancing. Make sure they are torqued to manufacturer's recommended specifications.

regular care

Do not use any chemical-based cleaners or harsh cleaning solutions that contain acid.
Use only mild soap and water with cloth rag to clean the wheels.
Clean your wheels regularly if you live in where salt or chemicals are used on the roads.



Superspeed Wheels warrants that under normal and intended use, our wheels will be free of structural failures. Superspeed offers a lifetime limited structural & 2 years finish warranty on our wheels.

Superspeed Warranty Promise
Superspeed Warranty


1) This warranty is only given to the original consumer of Superspeed Wheels products and not transferable. 
2) Proof of purchase is required for all warranty work.
3) The warranty starts the date when the wheels are received by the consumer.
4) Finish warranty is warranted to the consumer for a period of two years to be able to withstand non-hazardous weather and climatic conditions, non-hazardous paved road conditions and typical operating temperatures for normal driving.
5) The warranty covers for the following defects:
a) If the wheels arrive at the consumer with any structural cracks.
b) If the wheels cause leaks when mounted properly with tires.
c) If the wheels arrive the consumer out of round and unable to balance within standard limits when mounted properly with tires.

To claim a warranty case:
1) The consumer must contact Superspeed by email with a proof of purchase(invoice, receipt etc.).
2) Provide details of the defect along with photos or videos.
3) A return label with be provided once warranty approves.
3) Return with its original packaging.
4) Superspeed Wheels will either repair or replace the warranted wheel at our own expense.

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