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RF01 Progressive - Here Comes The Successor of RF01

Superspeed FlowForm RF01 Progressive

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: Introducing the all-new Superspeed FlowForm Series RF01 Progressive.

This retro racing-inspired wheel inherited the split 7-spoke mesh from the previous gen RF01. Paired with a classic lipped edge and the center-lock style lug cap, the RF01 Progressive retains the retro design while being modernized with the advanced FlowForm manufacturing process.

Engineer Philosophy:

Modern mesh split 7-spoke design featuring lipped gap edge and center-lock style lug cap. The RF01 Progressive is a retro race-inspired lightweight wheel, built with a wide range of enthusiasts' applications.


  • Center-lock style lug cap

Superspeed FlowForm RF01 Progressive Center-lock style lug cap
Made possible to change to colored caps & low-type caps

With the option to change to colored caps and to use either low-type or high-type center caps, we've made it possible to customize your own style.

  • Lipped gap edge

Superspeed FlowForm RF01 Progressive lipped gap edge
Retro racing-inspired lipped gap edge

Inspired by retro-racing, we've created a lipped edge to pair up with the modern mesh 7-split spoke to give it a modernized classic look.

  • BBK Clearance / Floating Spokes

Thanks to the floating spokes and face design, the RF01 Progressive is capable of taking big brake calipers no matter it's from an aftermarket upgrade or OE equipped.

  • Stamped Branding


The FlowForm RF01 Progressive is now available to order from your local dealers and the online store

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