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Elevate Your Drive: Introducing Bead Knurling to the FlowForm RF03RR

FlowForm RF03RR adds bead knurling to enhance grip and safety at no extra cost.

In the world of performance driving, every detail matters. The grip of your tires, the feel of the road beneath you, and the confidence in your vehicle's responsiveness are not just parts of the experience; they are the experience. That's why we're excited to announce an enhancement to a fan favorite in our lineup – the FlowForm RF03RR now features bead knurling, a game-changing upgrade designed to elevate your driving experience, and the best part? It comes at no additional cost to you.

What is Bead Knurling?

Bead knurling is a precision-engineered feature that improves the contact between your tire and wheel. This enhancement ensures that your tire is securely seated, reducing slippage at high speeds or under extreme driving conditions. The result? Improved grip, enhanced safety, and a more responsive driving experience. Bead knurling is not just a feature; it's an investment in your vehicle's performance and your peace of mind.

Why the FlowForm RF03RR?

The FlowForm RF03RR has always been synonymous with excellence in weight reduction design and performance. By adding bead knurling, we're pushing the boundaries of what's possible, offering you an upgrade that enhances both the aesthetics and functionality of your wheels. This addition is a testament to our commitment to innovation and our dedication to providing drivers with the best possible products on the market.

Seamless Transition, No Additional Cost

We understand that change can be daunting, which is why we've made the transition to bead knurling as smooth as possible. This upgrade will be a rolling replacement, meaning our inventory will gradually shift to include only wheels with the new feature. During this period, both versions of the RF03RR (with and without bead knurling) will be available, ensuring that you have access to our products regardless of where we are in the transition.

And perhaps the most exciting part of this announcement? This upgrade comes at no additional cost to you. We believe in providing value to our customers, and by offering bead knurling as a standard feature on the RF03RR, we're doing just that. You get an enhanced driving experience without any impact on your wallet.

Experience the Difference

The addition of bead knurling to the FlowForm RF03RR is more than just an upgrade; it's a new standard in wheel performance and safety. Whether it's for street cars or dedicated track cars, this feature will enhance your driving experience, offering you unparalleled grip and control on the track.

We invite you to experience the difference for yourself. Feel the enhanced grip, enjoy the improved safety, and drive with confidence knowing that your wheels are equipped with the latest in performance technology.

At Superspeed, we're more than just wheels; we're a driving experience. Upgrade to the FlowForm RF03RR with bead knurling and elevate your drive today.


Ready to revolutionize your ride? The new and improved FlowForm RF03RR awaits. Visit our online store or your local dealers for more information on how you can make the switch to better performance and style, all without breaking the bank.

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