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Forged Series is HERE

Updated: Apr 6, 2021


Many of you might already know, Superspeed is working on something special for this summer. Dated back to January, 2019, we started a project called "RR motorsport". We were not only working on the new FlowForm RR models, but also silently developing a whole new Forged line as well. To test different key factors and collect track data of the wheel, we put a set of 18x10.5 prototype 03RR on Alex's time attack bug.

PF03RR Prototype
PF03RR Prototype back to Jan. 2019

Fast forward to early 2020 - Everything was ready and we decided to transform not only RF03RR but also RF05RR into forged form. Despite the delay caused by coronavirus, we still managed to have a great pre-order numbers and good to go for launching before the end of the season. Thanks to the feedback and real time data from Alex and many other racing drivers, competition events organizers & stockist dealers, we are able to pull this one together and make it happen!

PF05RR Matt Black
PF05RR Matt Black


10,000 Tons Forged

Thanks to the immense 10,000 tons of pressure, this fully forged flagship is the ultimate performance wheel created by Superspeed. PF03RR & PF05RR are both originated from the RR models of FlowForm series but stronger and lighter. With a little twist, those new forged series models have a thinner & floating spoke design and great weight loss without sacrificing rigidity.

Fine Element Analysis
FEA | Fine Element Analysis

FEA Simulation

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) is a simulation program that can be used alongside traditional testing to analyze the strength of complex structures, determine component behavior, and accurately predict how our wheels will react under structural and thermal loads. 

In addition to optimizing the structure with real-time data from the track, FEA (Finite Element Analysis) was conducted to find the perfect balance of weight and stiffness. Excessive weight was removed without sacrificing rigidity.


PF03RR Floating Spoke
PF03RR Floating Spoke

PF05RR Floating Spoke
PF05RR Floating Spoke

Floating Spoke

Tiwsted from FlowForm RR, the floating spoke design not only serves as a cosmetic form, but also helps to reduce excessive weight.

BBK Clearance
BBK Clearance

Raised Barrel

Starting from design phase, Superspeed modeled different brand name big brake kits, and to make sure final product is capable of aftermarket brake upgrades.

Bead Knurling / Reinforced Inner Flange
Bead Knurling / Reinforced Inner Flange

Bead Knurling

Originated from F1 racing, forged series wheels feature knurled bead seats on both sides of the rim. It helps with minimizing tire slip within the wheels under extreme acceleration and deceleration

Reinforced Inner Flange

The inner flange of the rim is reinforced to increase rigidity. Despite the weight increase, the "fat" flange is more forgivable when attacking apex.


Forged Series Application
Forged Series Application

Most of the specs are application specific. More applications are on the way for the 2nd year run.


Available to order NOW! Contact your local dealer today to order your set! Click Here to direct to dealer locator.

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