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Importfest 2018 Wrap Up

NSX Showcase RF03RR at Importfest
Superspeed X Importfest 2018

It was so pumped in MTCC Downtown Toronto last Saturday. It's our 1st year of Importfest and we had a wonderful turnout. Our booth were overwhelmed by crowd asking questions about the upcoming Forged Series as well as our FlowForm Series flagship product RF03RR.



Prototype 01

Model Liya Z with Forged Series Prototype 01 Monoblock
Our gorgeous model Liya with Prototype 01

Prototype 01 was developed from a classic racing monoblock concept. We made the finish in Brush Bronze to showcase the custom paint option for the upcoming series.

Custom Paint Brush Bronze Monoblock Forged Prototype 01
Brush Bronze Finish Prototype 01

Our product team is adding the final touch to the custom colour card as I'm writing. All paint jobs are done in-house and we make sure the consistency of the colour and have a 2 year finish warranty.

Maple Canada Forged Monoblock
To The Great White North

And the little detail of us proudly being a Canadian company!

Prototype 02

Forged 2PC Center-Lock on Porsche 991.2 GT3
Forged Series Prototype 02

Prototype 02 was an extension in product depth of Prototype 01. We twisted some weight-saving pockets and moved to other locations on the spoke. We also did it with 2-Piece Center-lock construction to showcase the customize capability of our upcoming Forged Series.

Forged Series 2PC Center-lock for Porsche 911 GTS Turbo GT3 GT3RS
Porsche 991.2 GT3 showcase Forged Series Prototype 02

There was no other better option than showcasing our Prototype 02 on Porsche 911 GT3. Thanks to our Product and R&D Team, we made it happened!

Proudly Canadian Maple Canada
To The Great White North

Of course we won't miss the little detail to show we are Canadian!

Forged Flow Form
Prototype 02 X RF03RR


FlowForm Series


Honda NSX showcase Flow Form RF03RR
NSX AP1 with FlowForm RF03RR

Our dealer YST Halifax brought their Honda NSX to the show with 18x8.5 18x9.5 RF03RR Ti.

Honda NSX AP1 with Flow Form RF03RR
FlowForm RF03RR 18x8.5 18x9.5 Staggered Setup

Honda AP1 NSX with Flow Form RF03RR
FlowForm RF03RR 18x8.5 18x9.5 Staggered Setup

Competition multi-spoke design of RF03RR matches perfectly with the flow of Honda NSX.

RF03RR Matt Gunmetal X Titanium
RF03RR Matt Gunmetal X Titanium

Check the finishes comparison between Matt Gunmetal and Titanium. Tell us what you think!

Superspeed Flow Form RF01 & RF03RR
RF01 x RF03RR

Superspeed Flow Form RF03RR Matt Black
RF03RR Matt Black


Thanks everybody that came to the show! We had a blast. Tell us if you have any suggestion on model & colour, we are closer than you think!

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