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RF07 - Grand Touring Modern Mesh Redesign

20" grand touring design has been long desired for the market. The RF07 is a redesigned model evolved from our Bespoke Forged F2. To give it a more unique look to represent the FlowForm series, this new model features some of the most trending ideas in the industry.


Superspeed FlowForm RF07
FlowForm Series RF07

Engineer Philosophy:

One of Superspeed’s design aesthetics is to make a splash in the crowd. It's not simply designed for design, but to improvise and evolve with our own signature touches. The RF07 is no different.


  • Dual-window Y-Spoke

Superspeed RF07 Modern Mesh
Modern Mesh Redesigned

The modern mesh on RF07 is created by a composition of two spoke designs stacking together. The disconnected Y shape separates it into two sections - an oval shape main area and supporting struct that connects with each section on the edge.

  • Floating Spokes

Superspeed RF07 Floating Spokes
Floating Spokes

Another iconic feature on the RF07 is the floating spoke. The spokes are not connected with the inner barrel. It makes them look elegant and yield more brake clearance. Most of the time you'll only see this design on forged wheels. However Superspeed had made it possible with the Flow Form technology without sacrificing structural integrity.

  • Double-Rib & Enhanced Load Rating

Superspeed RF07 Double-Rib HD Load Rating
Double-Rib & Enhanced Load Rating

To further increase rigidity, the double-rib design was applied between spokes. The load rating of RF07 has also been increased to 850kg with the weight starts only from 26lbs.

  • CNC Engraving

Superspeed RF07 CNC engraving
CNC engraved model name & branding

CNC engraved branding and model name for work proud craftsmanship.


RF07 Data Sheet
*5x130 Porsche Fitment OE Center Cap Compatible

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We strive to popularize Flow Form Wheels to the North American market, to bring more cutting-edge technology into the wheel industry, and to provide more affordable wheel applications to enthusiasts.

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