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Bespoke Forged Series Now Available

The long wait is over. We are now proud to announce that our Bespoke Forged Series is ready to launch!

This series is made for enthusiasts who like their wheels to be custom made, whether in sizes or in finishes. We also took a further step to provide personalized options. There are 4 new wheel models in this series; each model will have 2 different construction form - Monoblock and 2-Piece.

Custom Sizes

Available diameters from 18" to 22" with the widest width available at 13", the Bespoke Forged Series is the ultimate custom forged wheels for your vehicle. Each set is build to order with aerospace grade 6061-T6 aluminum and CNC machined to exact specifications for every vehicle application.

Custom Finishes

Available from standard solid or gloss finishes to specialty brushed or transparent finishes, we provide options in total of 30 finishes too choose from. Two-tone finish is available as well.


Personalized Engraving

Personalized Engraving
Personalized Engraving

Besides the signature maple flag and brand logo engraving, choose to personalize your wheel with your own engraving on the barrel, the lip, or even on the spoke. Of course, the colour is bespoke as well!

Bead Knurling

Bead Knurling
Bead Knurling

It won't be perfect if we don't have this option for you. Just in case if you feel like going to a track weekend, we have it ready for you to minimize tire slippage!


F1.1 Centerlock
F1.1 Centerlock

For Porsche & Lamborghini owners with center-lock hub, we have all of the 8 models available in center-lock option. Aftermarket center-lock specifications also available with no extra charge.

Personalized Rendering

F2.2 Rendering Sample
F2.2 Rendering Sample

Before your order goes into production, we will provide personalized renderings to confirm size, finish, and options. Thanks to our vertical integrated supply chain, we are able to shorten the lead time to 4-6 weeks.

Other Cool Things Coming

If you are following our social media, you know there's another forged line coming this summer. Yes, we are working on the release of our Forged Series wheels. Different than the Bespoke Forged Series, it's the series made for serious track/racing enthusiasts that are looking for a solid, endured lightweight racing wheels for competition use. First batch of pre-orders from our stockists are in the making, and we will launch this series by late April or early May!

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Bespoke Forged Series Gallery

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