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Continue To Evolve - RF03RR Reformed

Updated: Jun 8, 2020

If you've followed us for a while, you've probably heard or seen this model quite often. Yes, it's the most inquired wheel of our product line voted by our dealers. We've won a lot of 1st with this wheel and we love to improve our product constantly!

In the year of 2020, we are bringing something new for RF03RR this year - two new reformed specs and two new special finishes. To have an innovative spirit built on racing concept, that's how Superspeed Wheels continue to evolve.



VW APPLICATION | 18x8.5 +42 5x112

Shortly after the first batch of this application ran out of stock, we've collected quite a lot of feedbacks from VW owners communities. Therefore, we decided to change a little bit in terms of specs to make it more performance oriented.

No Hub Ring Needed Anymore! We've changed the center-bore size from 66.6 to 57.1. Now you'll no longer need hub ring to make it hub-centric.

Seat Type Changed. After many simulated and physical tests, we've noticed that cone seat application is more secure than ball seat application under track performance. Plus due to the large amount of VW owners having already done stud conversion, it's more straightforward to use aftermarket tuner lug nuts instead of finding ball seat lug nuts.

TYPE R APPLICATION | 18x9.5 +38 5x120

This size is another hot spec being used in Type R owners communities. Now we've made it simple as well for our performance oriented customers. No Hub Ring Needed Anymore! Now we've changed the center-bore size from 72.6 to 64.1.



FINISH: Machining Black | Speed White

SIZE: 18x8.5 +35 5x114.3 | 18x9.5 +38 5x114.3 | 18x9.5 +38 5x120

Also we have developed two new special finishes for this trending model - Machining Black and Speed White.

Machining Black: Gloss Black with Diamond Cut Lip

Speed White: White (Unique Twisted)

Let us know if you want these two finishes available on more specs!


The Reformed RF03RR will start to deliver as early as next week. Contact your local dealer today to get your set! Click here to direct to dealer locator.

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