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RF05RR - New Competition Model Added to FlowForm Line

Updated: Jun 26, 2019

The project concept of our RR model revolves around three key elements - Clean design; Competition Functionality; and Economic Price. We started our RF05RR project right after delivery of RF03RR model last year. Now we are thrilled to say that we have completed this project and new RF05RR is adding to our FlowForm line of product in mid May, 2019.



Product Concept:

  • Clean, classic racing design - Less is More

  • Balance Function and Form - Competition oriented, Technology applied

  • Economic Pricing - Affordable for all enthusiasts

Product Highlights:

  • Bead Knurling

Bead Knurling on RF05RR
Bead Knurling on RF05RR

RF05RR features bead knurling on top and bottom side of the barrel where tire touches wheel. It helps to prevent tire to slip on wheel under high acceleration and deceleration. Originated from F1 racing wheels, this feature now is a must have on any competition wheel. We are the first company to provide this feature on our wheels in this price range. We expect to have this feature applied to RF03RR line as well on next product update.

  • Raised Barrel

Raised Barrel on RF05RR
Raised Barrel on RF05RR

In order to improve fitment on vehicle equipped with aftermarket brake kit, we modeled various brand name BBKs when developing our barrel design to make sure RF05RR is capable of clearing most popular aftermarket big brake kits. We've also modeled several vehicle-specific sizes to make sure the fitment is optimized.

  • Lightweight

One of the highlights of our previous RR model is the weight. There is no difference this time. While keeping the rigid spoke design (expanded connection between each spoke to the rim), we cut excess material where we can.

Dive-in Lug holes
Dive-in Lug holes

Thanks to the dive-in lug holes and back pad pocket, we are able to keep weight low while still having a track-proven rigidity. Click here to see how we make our wheels rigid, strong, yet lightweight, and how we test our wheels.

  • Machine Engraving

RF05RR features CNC engraved branding and model name for work proud craftsmanship.

  • New Finish

RF05RR also comes with new Satin Bronze finish as standard.

RF05RR Finish Option
RF05RR Finish Option

We also have various sizes available apart from listed above. Click here to direct to product page. Custom finish optional.


First batch of RF05RR will start to deliver in mid May, 2019. Contact your local dealer today to pre-order your set! Click here to direct to dealer locator.

We always want to popularize Flow Form Wheels to North American market, to bring more cutting-edge technology into wheel industry, and to provide more affordable wheel applications to enthusiasts.

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