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RF06RR - Continue To Evolve

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

In the summer of 2018, Superspeed Wheels launched its first RR model of the FlowForm Series, the RF03RR. Since then, we anchored ourself in performance wheels sector and started to get more involved in amateur racing. With the help of real-time data from amateur racers, we are able to develop products that most suitable for the clientele.

Since 2018, we have new RR model coming out on a yearly basis. This is our commitment to the car enthusiasts society and our determination to make better products, and most importantly - CONTINUE TO EVOLVE.


FlowForm Series RF06RR
FlowForm Series RF06RR

Engineer Philosophy:

Inspired by the timeless 6-spoke design, the all new RF06RR is a twist made by Superspeed with our own secret recipes. Featured with the iconic drop-center barrel and concave spoke design, it has the best big brake clearance in class; topped up with our signature knurled bead and weight reduction pockets, the RF06RR is our tribute to the Golden Age of JDM.


  • Bead Knurling

RF06RR - Knurled Bead
RF06RR - Knurled Bead

RF06RR features bead knurling on top and bottom side of the barrel where tire touches wheel. It helps to prevent tire to slip on wheel under high acceleration and deceleration. Originated from F1 racing wheels, this feature now is a must have on any competition wheel. Superspeed Wheels are the first company to provide this feature in its price range.

  • BBK Clearance

Barrel design on RF06RR
Barrel design on RF06RR

In order to improve fitment on vehicle equipped with aftermarket brake kit, Superspeed Wheels modeled various brand name BBKs when developing the barrel design to make sure RF06RR is capable of clearing most popular aftermarket big brake kits.

  • Machined Spoke & Double-Rib

Machined Spoke & Double-Rib

"I-Beam" spoke design was deployed to shave-off any redundant weight possible. To make it cooler, the area is diamond-cut to show its true beauty (Matt Black finish only).

In addition to increase rigidity, the double-rib design was applied between spokes.

  • Lightweight Pocket

Lightweight pockets on RF06RR
Lightweight pockets on RF06RR

There is no compromise for weight saving - 5 lightweight pockets were deployed to further carry out the idea.

  • CNC Engraved

CNC engraved model name & branding
CNC engraved model name & branding

CNC engraved branding and model name for work proud craftsmanship.


RF06RR Size/Finish/Price

RF06RR Face Design


For more product details, please Click Here

First batch of RF06RR will start to deliver in late August. Contact your local dealer today to pre-order your set! Click Here to direct to dealer locator.

We always want to popularize Flow Form Wheels to North American market, to bring more cutting-edge technology into wheel industry, and to provide more affordable wheel applications to enthusiasts.

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