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Why FlowForm Wheels Are Necessities For Your EV

Updated: Mar 21, 2020

Gain Better Performance on Your EV with Flow Form Wheels
Gain Better Performance on Your EV with Flow Form Wheels

Your vehicle's weight will effect a lot of things like handling, acceleration, mileage of your vehicle. Those factors are easier to be observed in an electric powered vehicle than gasoline powered vehicles. In this article we will be explaining why this matters and covering how Flow Form Wheels are going to improve overall performance on your electric powered vehicle.


Unsprung Weight Explained

While sprung weight is the total weight of the components of a vehicle that are supported by the suspension, unsprung weight (unsprung mass) is the sum of the weight of wheels, tires, suspension, and other components of the vehicle that are directly connected to them such as wheel axels, bearings, hubs, and etc.

Unsprung Weight Explained
Unsprung Weight Explained

In most cases weight any where is a bad thing, especially when unspring weight mostly contributes to your vehicle's handling. Less the unsprung weight, the more effective for the springs and shocks to control suspension movement. In another word, the suspension will be more effective in stabilizing the car on uneven roads or on cornering.


Rotational Weight Explained

Driveshaft, clutch, wheels and tires, and etc. are called rotational weight (rotational mass). It's quite self explanatory - the total weight of the components that rotate. Most of the parts of rotational weight are included in unsprung weight. However, they are mostly effecting your vehicle's performance in terms of acceleration and deceleration.

Rotational Weight Mass inertia
Rotational Weight Explained

The less the rotational weight, the less energy (i.e. electric power) is required for the vehicle to change speed. In another word, lighter the rotational weight, the more mileage your vehicle will gain from saving the energy consumed.

FlowForm Wheels VS. OE Aero Wheels
FlowForm RF05RR VS. OE Cast Wheels

For example, Tesla Model 3 OEM Aero Wheels in 18x8.5 +40 5x114.3 weighs 23lbs each; and Superspeed FlowForm RF05RR in 18x8.5 +35 5x114.3 weighs 18.8lbs each. To put it in a clearer way, rotational mass (the wheels) requires roughly 3 times more of the energy to work (accelerate/decelerate) than sprung weight. In this case, dropping the weights on changing to RF05RR equals to dropping more than 50lbs in sprung weight. (Almost 120lbs drop vs. 20" Model 3 Sport Wheels, not to mention weight changes on tire)


Why FlowForm Wheels Are Necessities For Your EV

FlowForm RF01 on Tesla Model 3

Due to the inefficiency of dropping sprung weight previously explained, we should be more focusing on dropping unsprung weight. While most of the components that effect unsprung weight and rotational weight are either expensive to replace (such as carbon-fiber driveshaft, lightweight rotors and etc.), or not implemented yet (new lightweight material technology and etc.), there's a straightforward way to improve overall performance on your electric vehicle - replace your heavy cast OE wheels.

Superspeed FlowForm manufacturing process applies one of the most advanced wheels manufacturing technologies in the wheel industry. Its process involves applying high pressure to the inner barrel of the wheel while spinning and after it has been cast under high temperature. Its outcome is outstanding - lower cost than Forging, but more rigid and lightweight than Casting. (Click here to read in full)

FlowForm RF05RR on Tesla Model 3
FlowForm RF05RR on Tesla Model 3

To replace your OE cast wheels for FlowForm wheels, it helps reducing unsprung weight and rotational weight, therefore improve your vehicle's handling, acceleration, deceleration, as well as energy consumption.

Superspeed FlowForm line of products has developed EV specific fitments for this need. These fitment are designed and manufacture for popular electric vehicles (Tesla Model 3, Model S, Model X and etc.). All of the FlowForm EV specific fitments are load rated accordingly and are manufactured in a JWL & VIA certified facility. (Click here to view full line of products)

FlowForm EV Specific Fitments

(left to right)

19" RF01

(Tesla Model 3, Model S, and Model X Fitment)

19" RF02

(Tesla Model S, and Model X Fitment)

18" RF03RR

(Tesla Model 3 Fitment)

18" & 19" RF05RR

(Tesla Model 3, Model S, and Model X Fitment)

20" RF04 not shown

(Tesla Model X Fitment)

All Superspeed Wheels are JWL and VIA certified, with limited life-time structural and 2-year finish warranty.

FlowForm RF05RR on Tesla Model 3
FlowForm RF05RR on Tesla Model 3

Read full product review on RF05RR here.

To find a Superspeed Wheels dealer close to your location, click here.

We thrive to popularize Flow Form Wheels to North American market, to bring more cutting-edge technology into wheel industry, and to provide more affordable wheel applications to enthusiasts.

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